PAC Executive

Katie Knebel

Annie Ross

Noella Andres

Denise Poettcker

PAC Mission

Be Informed. Be Involved. Be the Magic.

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to volunteer with PAC, please send email correspondence to

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PAC Committees

Lorinda Huebert
Fundraising Chair

Lesley Giardino
Tri-Track Canteen Coordinator

Lyndsay Eidse
Active Learning and Green Space Chair (ALAGS)

Ravi Misir
Communications Chair

PAC – Donate and Volunteer

Donate your time, sponsorship, and/or financial support throughout the year. Visit our PAC News, Events and Fundraising sections, and take part by emailing  Watch for volunteer reminders in our monthly PAC Update emails.

PAC Events and Volunteer Opportunities

*Events subject to change without notice

EVENTDATE (Volunteer Opportunities)
Raffle TicketsWinter 2020 / Spring 2021
Sell Tickets
Staff AppreciationFall 2020 / Spring 2021
Donate / Coordinate Donations or Drop-off
Green Space TeamDesign Team / Grant Writing
Communication TeamCommunication Committee - Social Media Coordinator / Editor
Town Clean-upMay 7, 2021
Afternoon Supervision
Grade 8 FarewellJune 21, 2021
Event Coordinator (5 days)
Event Volunteers (3 hrs)
Tri-Track Canteen
(Gr. 5&6)
June 2, 2021
9am-12pm / 12pm-3pm
PAC Meeting Grade RepFirst Monday of the Month
1 hr. Monthly
PAC Kiosks
Sept. 8 / Dec. 3 / Mar. 24 / Apr. 22
Meet n Greet Parents - ½ hr. Shifts


Sept.Gr. 7/8 Band
Gold Cards
Winter Raffle
Oct.Gr. 8 Veggies
Camp Cedarwood
SWAG Bake Sale
Gr. 6 Cookie Dough
Winter Raffle
Nov.SWAG Bake SaleGr. 5 Lacoste Cards
Gr. 6 Cookie Dough
Winter Raffle
Dec.Student Leadership Candy Cane GramsGr. 6 Cookie Dough
Gr. 7/8 Band Mom's Pantry
Winter Raffle
Jan.SWAG Bake SaleGr. 7/8 Band Chocolates
Feb.SWAG Bake SaleSpring Raffle
Mar.SWAG Bake SaleSpring Raffle
Apr.SWAG Bake SaleSpring Raffle
MaySWAG Bake SaleSpring Raffle
Jun.June 2
Tri-Track Canteen

PAC Governance

Executive, Communication, Financial, Gifting & Fundraising Policies available upon request.

PAC Meeting Minutes

Sept 14 2020 Annual Plan Mtg Minutes


PAC Parent Resources

These references are not meant to replace the School Handbook as your first point of resource material regarding policies, programs, activities and services available at NMS.

2018-19 School Year

Principal’s Report

Meeting Minutes


2017-18 School Year

Principal’s Report

Meeting Minutes

2016-17 School Year

Principal’s Report

Meeting Minutes

2015-16 School Year

Principal’s Report

2014-15 School Year

Principal’s Report