Dear Parents/Guardians:

We hope everyone had a safe and relaxing summer!

Niverville has long been known for its sense of community, and as we embark on this new chapter that is Niverville Middle School, we will strive to maintain and build that same sense of community.  We believe that the values we have identified in our NMS CAREs statement are values that reflect what parents are also trying to instill, as we work cooperatively to teach children: to Contribute to a positive and safe learning community; to Act responsibly; to Respect yourself, others and your environment; and to Enjoy the journey. 

Many of our potential programs and activities will focus on building community: lunch clubs; an intramural house system; active play; extra-curricular sports; recess; and safe and caring classrooms and teachers. Building a strong community also includes welcoming volunteers to our school, working with the Parent Advisory Council, building Restitution-based relationships, and participating in school life. The Middle Years philosophy of education seeks to support the young adolescent in his or her journey to citizenship through encouragement and accountability. We believe that a cooperative community, where we play and learn together, will allow us to reach that goal, so that students who leave NMS are community-minded citizens who value diversity, empathy and inclusivity.

The first week has been everything we had hoped for, and even more!  We are confident that the energy and excitement exhibited by students and staff in these first few inaugural days of NMS will continue throughout the entire school year and beyond.


Michael Koester, Principal

Craig Cumming, Vice Principal

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